Sunday, 6 November 2016

Step into winter with the goddess of tights

Friday's Daily Telegraph said:
"Kate is visiting The Nelson Trust, a charity who work closely with HMP Eastwood Park prison, to support women leaving the facilities and their families. 
For the day of events, the Duchess has chosen to rewear her pastel blue Mulberry coat, with an old tweed skirt by Dolce & Gabbana and thick black tights - surely the biggest sartorial sign that winter is officially here. "
So isn't it time you joined the the closest thing we have to an incarnate goddess of tights (aka Kate nee Middleton), and slipped into some black opaques?

Many UK women already have.

Of course opaques will keep you nice and toasty if the snows come.

But the question for me is, what happens when Kate gets home?  Hopefully she slips are off her heels and wanders around in her opaque stocking feet.  But then what?  What should a "People's Princess" do?  (All pictures posed by "ordinary" folks - no pics of Kate at home can be found).
Does Prince William open Kate a beer?
Does Kate sit around with the (Royal) family?
Perhaps Kate and William do a bit of Jiving , having watched Strictly on the Beeb
PS: Opaques don't have to be black

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