Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tights for All Souls Eve

The witching hour approaches, but don't let you white legs spoil your black evil appearance.  It's time for black tights.  Black is associated with death and with sex, what better (lack of) colour for All Souls Eve
So tonight you might die in your tights, or you may get shagged in your tights, or perhaps both your final moan of orgasmic pleasure will also be your last gasp.
Maybe you are more of a devil in your tights than a witch
A nice pair of shiny tights to glint in the fires of hell is what you need.
Who knows a follower of Satan
or even Satan himself
may enter you ripping through your tights and making you screen with pain and pleasure.  Of course some people miss the real meaning of All Souls Eve
And such people may get a surprise visit from Satan

Remember Children, you are never too young to start following Satan:

Let's follow Kylie's example

The singer was out and about in London yesterday enjoying some very British weather and wearing next to nothing.

Kylie must have been freezing - but ultra stylish, as always - wandering around in just a black miniskirt, fishnet tights and a black jumper.  Let's follow Kyle's example - there is nothing as sexy as a pair of fishnets - and what's a little cold when you can look so hot?
Which is most sexy - nude or fishnet - be honest now?
Kyle was walking into her management offices and she was there to speak about talks with the BBC which could see the 43-year-old become a judge on the corporation’s new talent show.

Called The Voice it has been flagged as a rival to ITV’s X Factor and Kylie, it has been suggested, has been offered £1million to take part, which is rather short of the £2.5million her management reputedly want the BBC to pay her. Yet if Kylie fancies the job the chances are her financial demands might come down considerably. Or perhaps those sexy legs in sexy fishnets will convince the BBC execs that she is worth £2.5m.  After all:

Guys like fishnets
We know that Kyle's a sex bomb after joining the Mile High Club in the first-class cabin of a Qantas plane with Michael Hutchence.  Apparently  Hutchence commented that his favourite hobby was “corrupting Kylie Minogue” - and what a good job he did.  Have you been corrupted enough for fishnets, or perhaps fishnets can help corrupt you?

Of course if your really not up to that bare leg through the fishnet you can try a pair of these:
And well for those of us who don't have Kyle's courage there are always the trusty opaques:
Which can be worn outside or in:
And need not be black:
Or I guess you could rely on leather or legging to keep you warm

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Every Girl Needs a Goddess

So here she is:
Or a more traditional image
She doesn't wear tights but if she did, they would be green
But perhaps her tights wouldn't be green
I'll say more about her later but here is a clue