Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

Greetings to all our sisters in nylon from China.
Whether they we in their stocking feet

Or not

So girls get with the Chinese new year spirit

But remember they do things differently in the East

Friday, 24 January 2014

Tights time travel back to the 1980s

Well, with the results almost in, it looks like the 1980s were the tights golden era.

I will analyse this a bit more in a later post.  But for now some personal reminiscences.  All pics are modern not 80s.  But tights have really changed little.

I first started wearing tights in about 1981 when I was in the sixth form.  (I was a late developer).  My tights of choice were tan tights.

I got into tan tights, just as they were going out.  The story of my life.  Of course in those days tan tights had reinforced toes.
I am still a fan of reinforced toes in pantyhose for their sheer practically.  Of course toes in those days were really reinforced.  Today's reinforced toes are only semi-reinforced.  (What an odd thing to become obsessed with pantyhose toes)
About the same time I acquired my first boyfriend.  (Like I said I was a late developer).  He had a thing about tights and this set the theme for my life.  (Men who like women in tights).  And is probably why I write this bizarre blog. (That and a desire to be liked, even if it is only by the pervs looking at the pictures I post).

I went to university.  A brief but disastrous phase. I remember wearing the modern no-no of tights with sandals - but so did my friends.
My sandals were never this cool
On the subject of shoes, I remember falling in love with a pair of peep toe shoes - worn with tights of course.  This is probably where my shoe fetish started - not that you guys want to know that - you are only here for the hose.
After being thrown out of uni, I got a job and shared a flat with a girl who wore nothing but black tights
At this stage I was in those flash coloured tights that were popular at the time.
Perhaps that's why we never got on.

The 1980's I think, were also when patterned tights were big.
Don't be ashamed of your retro tights
I was never into patterned tights, although I did have a nice black pair with hearts on.
Were summers better in the 80s too?
And of course, the 1980s marked the rise of the now ubiquitous opaque tights.  Opaques always seem too much like hard work to put on for me, but I am a bigger person (aka fat cow).
CDs also change in, in the 1980s

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Do my poll about when was the "golden age" of tights. Only one more day to go.

And here are some golden oldie photos to get you thinking.
What tights with sandals!
Do not adjust your set (monitor /screen)
Fishnet an olde favourite
Tights or stockings - still she seems happy
Love the hair
Did girls like girls (in tights) even in the olden days?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Guys, after blue Monday, its payback Tuesday

Guys we cheered you up on blue Monday by wearing our tights.  (That is to say be cheered up those of you who are pervs about tights).
It may have taken two girls and two pairs of tights but he seems happy enough
Now its payback time.  Time for taking us shoe shopping.
I know you like us in our tights and stocking feet.
Is her face out of focus?  That's 'cos the prev that took this pic was only interested in her tights.  No he was only interested in her nylon feet.  No still wrong, he was only interested in the thicker nylon around her toes.  Weird.
You may like tights, but we like shoes.

Look just give us your fucking credit card and we'll shop online (although it is a lot less fun)
That kind of rapt concentration in a guy would be porn, in a woman it is shopping

Monday, 20 January 2014

Girls how we can cheer guys up on blue Monday

With festive over-spending, holiday weight-gain and cold weather, it's no wonder that 45 percent of Brits have confessed to feeling down this January.

Monday 20 January has been heralded the most depressing day of the year, which is no surprise as most of us are either in debt or dieting.

So girls here are some ways we can cheer guys up

1. Wear tights at work
That's doing too much to cheer the guys up
 2. Wear tights at home for your partner

Even wearing bright tights may help
Blue tights for blue Monday
Oh and after all this cheering guys up we need a drink to cheer ourselves up.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Vintage tights - were the olden days of tights the best?

Today's girl yesterday

In a recent comment Pantyhose4U said:
 "love the vintage pantyhose pics…keep it up"
So here are just a few vintage pantyhose pics for U, Pantyhose4U

100% NYLON. It might have been vintage for you guys, but not for us girls who had to wear tights.

And was the past even that good for guys who like tights?  What about the outbreak for trousers in the 1970s?
And just think guys, before the days of the world wide web you had to collect tights packets and tights advertisements to have a collection of girls in tights pictures!
Well no post on vintage pantyhose pics - however brief - would be complete without some pics from the Dukes of Hazzard.
When Catherine Back played the original Daisy Duke she had to wear pantyhose because the producers thought it would not be respectable to go bare legged.  And so a new fetish was created over night.

Buy guys don't just live in the past, girls still wear tights today.
Tan tights and reinforced toes - how much more traditional do you guys want?
All this got be thinking - was the past the best time for girls in tights?

Do my poll and tell me what you think.

You could even drop me a comment about tights past.

Modern girl, modern tech, modern tights
By the way, "analysis" of my New Year's Eve poll illustrated with lots of pics coming soon!

Shoes are so much cooler today?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Jack's a big softy - unless your wear sheer tights or stocking for him

Guys to you need your girl to wear tights to get you excited?
I'm a bit of a web watcher and like to see what's being posted online about tights.  Today I came across this interesting post from Jack.

It was headed.
"Girls, do guys notice you more when you wear pantyhose/stockings etc?"
How sweet - he's looking at her face not her legs
He likes her tights - or perhaps he is just trying to get into them!
Anyway Jack foes on to say:
"I have a bit of a thing for girls in nylons... I love how they look and especially how they feel on a girl's legs... like, really arousing. I'd never wear them myself or anything weird like that, but on girls I just find them so sexy to the point that I can't get a hard penis unless my sexual partner is wearing nylons. "
Go on, have a feel Jack, don't look so worried, I don't think she will mind
Only way Jack's girls can turn him on
Smile Jack :)  The only way you could capture Jack with a stiffy
Poor old Jack, it looks like he's under the control of tights (and nylons).
Now this got me wondering about Jack
I presume from what Jack says it's not tights without female legs that get him going?
Is it just sheer tights (pantyhose) that get Jack stiff, or will opaques work too?
and what about patterned tights?
And do feet do it for Jack as well?  Lots of tights guys have a foot fetish too
Well girls I wouldn't recommend Jack for a relationship, would you want to wear your tights (or even stockings all the time) during sex?  But it would be good fun teasing him.
Cum on Jack!
Interestingly only guys reply to Jack's post.

John answered:
"Yes, they sure do. Unfortunately, you may need to put yourself in a time machine and travel back to the '70s, though, as the number of women who wear sheer nylon hosiery these days is minimal. Lucky for me, my gal wears them every day. The guys do take notice."
For those of you who like John long for those "happy" days long, long ago, I jumped into my Joy of Tights Tardis and got these:

The only other guy to respond to Jack (Luke) said:
"Knee high socks are better."
Not a key high gal myself, but just for you Luke, here is something knee highish