Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Antia Harris: Angels of Tights?

According to teh Daily Mail secret of looking good is her Guardian Angels.  Not sure about this.
Not sure I'd trust this lot with my looks.
Could her leg looks be improved by the fact she is wearing tights
Look at the toes for tights seams.
Nothing to be ashamed of, many of us ladies of a certain age rely on tights
And Ms Harris did pioneer tights as Nurse Clark in "Carry On Doctor"
And in later pictures
And if Flickr can be believed in sellin Paxo Stuffing with free tights
Cue, crude tights and suffering images
Of course many of us need more than Angels and/or tights

Monday, 4 January 2016

Time to get your decorations off

Still got your Christmas decorations up?
I know you love your tree
And your Santa.  I know many of my readers will be jealous of Santa.  They too want to be held by a girl who hoses up in black pantyhose
I hate to tell you this,but The Twelfth Night of Christmas is the time decorations should come down according to tradition, which officially falls on Tuesday, January 5.  And that's tomorrow folks.

Only one more day cuddling around the tree
I think you are supposed to undress the tree not yourself
If you don't take the decorations down, you get bad luck.

What what could this bad luck be?
Sore feet from your heels, you can take them off
Ladders in your tights, got another pair
Your best friend is snoggingg your boyfriend.  What you didn't like either of them anyway.  But you know what happens afrer the snog.  His trousers come down, then his pants, then her shorts, then her tights and knickers in one go, then Ohhhhh my God, then swim little sperm swim, then happy families.
You get cancer from smoking
And liver disease from your drinking
The docs looked and there is nothing to be done
.... but she can offer you a lethal injection with a cut price cremation thrown in
The doctor relaxes after dispatching you to a much better (well very much hotter at least) place
And you have to be made to look your best - its good to be hosed up right at the end -
- ready for your hot date with Mr Incinerator
All this bad luck 'cos you never took your decorations down!
Don't just sit there girls get those decorations down

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Do Teachers in Tights turn boys in Pantyhose Perverts

Vote in our poll to to tell us what you think.

Are young boys turned on to pantyhose from what they see in kindergarten?
First school?
Or does their nylon education have to wait until later?

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Get Fit in Pantyhose 2 - cycling

Cycling gets you fit and is good for the environment
And you can do it at any age
But why cycle in tights
To keep warm
To protect your modesty
To show off your legs
To be cheeky and sexy

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy Hosed 2016

Here's hoping you danced the new year in, in your pntyhosed feet
And got a snog after midnight