Sunday, 30 October 2016

Making Bones about Tights

Halloween coming up.  Why not get some nice tights with bones on?
After all, after a little while in one of these, you'll be able to see your bones beneath your tights
Unless you go into one of these
When your bones will briefly look like this:
And then this:
And finally this:
What you want to see more of the girl in the coffin?

You are sick.  I bet you fancy them even if they are dead as long as they are hosed up nicely.  Hey but this site does sick

Bye, bye off to somewhere nice and warm.
Happy Halloween

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Brit Boys Hose Up

The UK Daily Mail has been getting Brit Boys - well more Brits Guys than Brit Boys - into tights.  Well why not? Women have been putting on and wearing - (know what I mean?) -  the trousers for years.

The Men first look a bit puzzled about the tights
Us girls we know about tights, we don't need to study them.  Tights they are just one more thing to pack.
Of course men are more used to putting on socks and trousers, so tights might be a challenge to their small brains.
Yes, the guys were finding the tights quite a challenge:
'Is there a discernible difference between front and back?' asks one of the men, turning over the hosiery in his hands.

'So they start off all wrinkled?' asks another, while the third man slips his hand into one the legs musing: 'I don't even know if my arm fits!'
Still they manage

 But hey, its girls who rock when it comes to putting on tights.

 There was a display of pants (briefs) under tights.

But any one can show their knickers under tights - doen't take much brain - and our knickers look so much better than your briefs.
Another, struggling to pull them up to his waist level, observes: 'Wow... those are not loose.'
Yes well, that's why they are called tights.  (Male intelligence? Spot the contradiction.)

The men start to see the advantages of tights:
'I'm starting to feel a lot more aerodynamic!' remarks one of the men.

Girls do you go faster in tights?
Well they could help in roller blading
There were some "ninja" kicks in tights.
Well we can all thrust our nyloned soles out.
One happy customer breaks into a series of poses ..., declaring: 'I feel like a ninja could wear this. You don't even hear me coming.

'I feel tough. I do. Now I get it!' he says.
Of course women are the real superheros in tights:
  • Paid work
  • Domestic work
  • Birthing
  • Looking after the next generation
  • (And giving demanding males blow-jobs)
There is more to being a super-hero than ninja kicks.
 One final comment from the article
Surprisingly, however, the guys seem to be getting into the feeling of wearing the pantyhose, stretching their legs.

'I think I could get into this!' says one. 
 Well guys we've been into this for years.  What took you so long?


Friday, 28 October 2016

Transistion with Tights

Alyssa Williamson and Haley Verre make a number of suggestions for transistioning your wardrobe as me move from summer to autumn.  Here I'd just like to pick up on the transistions involving tights

"Under your dress, a simple pair of black tights will always work. They’re functional, chic, and will go with almost everything else in your closet."
 Although being from the US they have meant something a little more opaque by tights
Wrapping up for Christmas already?

"Another popular summer piece you may not want to relinquish just yet is an open-toed heel. How do you do this? Pairing them with tights or socks.

Even though socks and sandals are known to be the ultimate fashion faux pas, things are changing this season. This look was first spotted at Spring Fashion Week just last month."
 Tights with sandals this truely is a revolution, but there is more

"For a classic and sophisticated take on this trend, pair your heels with a set of sheer tights, as seen on the Céline runway."
Not sure you would see these on the runway
A little more runway?
"If you would rather opt for a fresh and fun look, pair them with printed tights, showcased by Altuzzara."
Not sure these are printed and certainly not Altuzzara
IMHO any patterned tights with  add "a fresh and fun look"
Having fun?
BFF fun

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wedding Help

Joy of Tights is always willing to help potential pantyhose wearers in distress.

Recently I came across this:
"I am in a wedding this weekend and the ceremony is outdoors and it will be COLD! I am thinking I need to get some nude pantyhose, but I haven't bought any in so long I have no idea what is a good brand to get! Any recommendations for a brand/style that is pretty natural looking? FYI, I have very very fair skin"
All I can say is pantyhose for a wedding what a good idea.  The bride will probebly be wearing a pair
 So probably will be a lot of other guests
And at the reception you can always kick your shoes off
And dance in your nude hosed feet.
The best reply on the board was:
"It's been for-eva since I've bought them but I'm pretty sure the type I liked was L'eggs Silken Mist, possible Ultra Sheer. I'm also very fair and wore nude which gave a little color but didn't look unnatural."
 And I can't say better than L'Eggs.  If you have worn hose for-eva, could now be the time to get into them again?

Of course there were the usual ph haters making suggestions

"I have no advice since I hate pantyhose with a passion
But I hope they have heat lamps out or a tent or something?"
ph haters - they should be tied up in ph 'till they learn!