Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wedding Help

Joy of Tights is always willing to help potential pantyhose wearers in distress.

Recently I came across this:
"I am in a wedding this weekend and the ceremony is outdoors and it will be COLD! I am thinking I need to get some nude pantyhose, but I haven't bought any in so long I have no idea what is a good brand to get! Any recommendations for a brand/style that is pretty natural looking? FYI, I have very very fair skin"
All I can say is pantyhose for a wedding what a good idea.  The bride will probebly be wearing a pair
 So probably will be a lot of other guests
And at the reception you can always kick your shoes off
And dance in your nude hosed feet.
The best reply on the board was:
"It's been for-eva since I've bought them but I'm pretty sure the type I liked was L'eggs Silken Mist, possible Ultra Sheer. I'm also very fair and wore nude which gave a little color but didn't look unnatural."
 And I can't say better than L'Eggs.  If you have worn hose for-eva, could now be the time to get into them again?

Of course there were the usual ph haters making suggestions

"I have no advice since I hate pantyhose with a passion
But I hope they have heat lamps out or a tent or something?"
ph haters - they should be tied up in ph 'till they learn!

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