Friday, 28 October 2016

Transistion with Tights

Alyssa Williamson and Haley Verre make a number of suggestions for transistioning your wardrobe as me move from summer to autumn.  Here I'd just like to pick up on the transistions involving tights

"Under your dress, a simple pair of black tights will always work. They’re functional, chic, and will go with almost everything else in your closet."
 Although being from the US they have meant something a little more opaque by tights
Wrapping up for Christmas already?

"Another popular summer piece you may not want to relinquish just yet is an open-toed heel. How do you do this? Pairing them with tights or socks.

Even though socks and sandals are known to be the ultimate fashion faux pas, things are changing this season. This look was first spotted at Spring Fashion Week just last month."
 Tights with sandals this truely is a revolution, but there is more

"For a classic and sophisticated take on this trend, pair your heels with a set of sheer tights, as seen on the Céline runway."
Not sure you would see these on the runway
A little more runway?
"If you would rather opt for a fresh and fun look, pair them with printed tights, showcased by Altuzzara."
Not sure these are printed and certainly not Altuzzara
IMHO any patterned tights with  add "a fresh and fun look"
Having fun?
BFF fun

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