Sunday, 27 November 2011

Traditional Tights Part 1 Sheer Black with Reinforced Toe

Recent months have been all sorts of funky new tights - some of which have been highlighted on this blog. There are tights that look like stockings and suspenders, (although I'm sure part of the fascination is that they don't quite - the top of the leg is given a better texture than with real stockings and suspenders), there are patterns galore, and nude tights that are so nude that they don't know you are wearing tights are growing in popularity. (There may be a case of the emperors new tights here - if they can't see them perhaps they are having no effect to improve your legs!).
Patterns are cool - but so is just black

But never satisfied to be a follower of fashion, Joy of Tights would like to recommend some tradition styles - starting with sheer black with reinforced toe. I know that sheer is a bit of a fuzzy term, but generally I mean 10 to 20 denier, possibly up to 30 denier, but not as high as 40.

So here's 10 good things about sheer black tights

1. Black is sexy. Even black opaques have a certain sexiness. But sheers combine the naughty black with a teasing partial revelation of the leg beneath.
2. Black goes with anything. Well OK not anything, but many things. So black tights go with a range of outfits from that LBD to cut off denim shorts.
LBD boots and boobs - a winning combination for getting guys
 3. Black goes anywhere party, work, or funeral. You can be sexy in black sheer tights at a Christmas party. You can be serious in black sheer tights at the office. And you can be respectful in black sheer tights at the crematorium as you watch another relative slide away to their incineration wondering when it will be your turn (BTW They don't allow tights inside the furnace because it causes too much pollution)
You can even where sheer black tights in the woods
 4. Black is slimming.  Do your legs look fat in this?  Not if your tights are black, apparently.   Not that this works for obese Satan worshipping bitches like me.
Do my legs look big in these?

5. Black sheer tights could be mistaken for stockings. Yes I know they don't have the mock suspender.  But real stockings aren't warn with the suspender showing.  If you are in sheer black tights guys can always wonder "Is she really wearing stockings".  Going about at a party / office in your stocking feet can re-inforce this impressions as men associated reinforced toes subconsciously with stockings.  Of course you may ask "Why not wear real black sheer stockings or hold ups?"  Do you want the hassle of suspenders or your leg dropping off because your hold ups have cut off the blood supply?
OK some real stockings for all u stocking hounds

6. Black sheer tights with reinforced toe are more robust.  Obviously your is less likely to go through the reinforced material.  Its all very well saying that sheer toes are better than sandals, but is there anything less sexy than your unmanicured toe poking out of your tights?  I think that ladders are also less of an issue on sheer black tights.  They don't ruin the pattern - there isn't one.  They can even give you that "slutty little bitch" look.
Of fuck my toes gone thru my tights

7. Black sheer tights are cheap.  Since they are made by everybody, thought of as "everyday" products and not designed by anybody special they cost less.  If a pair of £1.00 Tesco sheers get you a shag, why bother with £20.00 Henry Hollands?  (Answer for the guys who don't get it.  We don't wear suspender tights for you, if you like them and we get a shag its a bonus, but we wear them for us.  We're just not that into having you into us).  And if the guy is so excited by your sheer black tights that he has to rip them off, it won't cost a bomb to buy a new pair.  Get him to buy you a new pair?  Yes, but only if he doesn't think he is buying any "services" with them.
Never be ashamed of cheap tights

8. Black sheer tights are warm.  Everyone knows that black absorbs heat.  Yes I know they loose heat quicker than opaques, but at least your legs warm up when you get by the fire or into the sun.  And you might even get a guy to rub your legs warm!
Tights add warmth, but u still need a skirt!

9. You can wear sheer black tights can any age.  A granny can like a wise witch or a silver slut in black sheer tights.  In middle age you can hide the growing imperfections in black sheer nylon.  And the schoolgirl can look serious and scholarly with the black of her tights matching the dark gray of her uniform.
Wonder if HE is secretly wearing black tights too

10. Sheer black tights don't have to match with leg tone.  One of the drawbacks of the make your tights invisible fad, is the endless checking that your nude tights exactly match your skin tone.  Sheer black aren't supposed to match your leg tone!  They are meant to look well black, sophisticated and sexy.  Less time spent matching tights more time for a cigi.
Do her tghts match her skin colour.....
Girls in black don't give a shit about whether their tighs match their skin tone or a FLYING FUCK about anything else

Thursday, 24 November 2011

More suspender tights

A few days ago Joy of Tights reported how lucky Becca Hills got a celebrity fuck thanks a pair of suspender tights.  If this is not enough to make you buy a pair, take a look at Rihanna.
Rihanna has recently been seen out in suspender tights.  Rihanna, 23, wore the tights with a pair of stars and stripes shorts, a white T-shirt and fur jacket to dine at upmarket sushi restaurant Nozomi in Knightsbridge in London.  The tights are embroidered to give the illusion of a suspender, and are thus named trompe l'oeil - French for 'trick of the eye' have been sold by French lingerie line Chantal Thomass. And the most popular brand in the UK, is by House of Holland designer Henry Holland.

Meg Mathews the designer, who is in her mid 40s, was also recently seen wearing suspender-style tights  at the Hoping Variety Show for Palestinian Refugee Children event in London.  Do suspender tights still look sizzling on the older woman - some might disagree - but Joy of Tights thinks she does.

But it isn't just suspender tights that are in fashion.  Madonna wore fishnets and slutty boots also got down on the dancefloor and gyrated with a younger man at the Smirnoff Exchange dance project at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.  53 year old, fishnet tights, slutty boots, you might thinks its disgusting, Joy of Tights thinks its cool go Madonna.
But for a miracle sheer sexiness the award must go to Madonna's 15 year old daugther Lourdes.  Love the seams and the tights tops - but is that a hole I see in the toes?
Running up in the sheer tights award is Miranda Kerr, even if she forgot to do her boots up.
So what's your style?

Suspender like Becca and Rhianna and Meg
Fishnet and boots like Madonna
Or some seams like Lourdes
Perhaps with a little reinforcement to stop your toe going through

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tights (and other) Fashion for Winter

Tights and Shorts

Shorts - an important summer staple - can easily be transitioned into the cold weather seasons with one simple addition: tights. This trend is not only comfy and cool, but your pins will definitely thank you for keeping them warm
Nice thick tights and warm jumper because its even chilly in the sunshine

All you need to do is put your favorite shorts over a pair of tights. Denim shorts are definitely the most common, but feel free to have fun with this trend. Play with colors and texture; velvet, after all, is big this autumn. When it comes to the tights, don't be shy.  Pair dark-wash denim with thick, funky tights to add a unique flare to your wardrobe and escape the all-too-easy to fall into pattern of jeans every day.  While plain black tights are classic, experiment with different shapes, designs and colour to mix things up. That being said, black on black never goes out of style.
Classic denim shorts
..but shorts don't have to be denim and these tights are really funky
Bright blue tights with blue denim shorts to cheer up a wet winter day

Miranda Kerr showing that black on black is always cool
 Furthermore, silhouettes are a great way to show off your best assets while avoiding judgmental glances. If you've got great legs and want to show them off but are less than pleased with the pastiness that comes along with the winter, tights are again the answer.
Legs nicely silhouetted in black opaques

A pair of nude tights is a great way to give the illusion of bareness without baring the cold.
....or not.....
Shiver my stocking tops! Nude tights and shorts in time for the office party
While tights protect your legs from the cold, they're still not as warm as trousers, so when rocking this trend remember to bundle up your top half. Think scarves, sweaters and lots of layers for a look that's ultra-trendy.
Nice woolly jumper with her tights and shorts
And just remember:
Even if you don't wear tights and shorts outside - they are great for parties
Tights and shorts are for all ages
Other trends
Scarves are in - especially infinity scarves with no beginning or end, the scarf is really just a long loop of fabric.
These girls are well wrapped up with scarves, coats, tights and boots

Slouchy Military Boots
Lace-up military style boots really became popular last year. This year, try a pair that folds down over the laces. They are super comfortable so you get the cozy feeling you want when you're cold and a lot of them are even lined with flannel so you stay extra warm.
Boot socks
An easy way to accessorize a cold weather staple-boots-is to pair them with high socks. Put them over your tights so they peek out from the top of the boot. It gives some visual interest, and you are sure to stay warm, even in the dead of winter.
These boots might be ugg-ly, but the socks, tights and shorts are fab
These boots, on the other hand are funky with a capital F

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tights are the "X" Factor that turn Frankie on

When we saw a picture of blond Becca Hills who had a sex romp with X-Factor naughty boy Frankie Cocozza (should that be cock-ozza?) JoyofTights suspected that tights might have had something to do with it.  Becca was wearing super-sexy suspender tights.

Reading on revealed that our suspicions were well founded.  Said Becca from Ashford

""He was very arrogant — but he doesn't pretend to be polite. I was wearing tights which look like suspenders and Frankie obviously liked the look of them."

The sight of the tights obviously gave Frankie an instant hard on, because he couldn't wait to get into them.  Let Becca take up the story again:

"Then he just ripped one of my tights. I couldn't believe it. He said sorry — then just ripped the other one and said, 'At least they're matching now'."
Joyoftights wonders if Frankie just got a spontaneous stiffy at the sight of Becca's tights or if Becca had been leading him on.  Perhaps she flashed the top of her tights.

Or maybe Frankie has a foot fetish so she showed him her nyloned toes and soles

Anyway it had an effect.  Becca says:
 "He took his clothes off down to his Calvin Klein boxers and jumped in bed and said, 'Come on then'.
And what happened next was pretty hot and steamy
"He wasn't a selfish lover. He wasn't grabbing my hair or anything. But he wasn't sensitive. He's not very loving. We did all the positions. He was adventurous. He was skinny and bendy and flexible.  I felt like it went on for a long time and he had a lot of stamina."
Becca got good value from her tights then - even if they were ripped beyond repair.  (Now do guys prefer un laddered tights so they can rip them off or do those little holes and ladders encourage them to rip away?).  Anyway Becca's ripped tights would now be discarded on the floor of the small bedroom as she screamed with pleasure at Frankie's cock going in from all positions until finally groaned with satisfaction as his load shot into her.  (No I don't think Frankie is the kind of guy to shoot his load into a rubber!)
Look hard you can see a ladder on her left leg.  Guys would a little ladder encourage you to rip 'em off?  Nice boots :)

Apparently Frankie refereed to Becca as

"He said 'I bet you're a dirty little bitch'. It wasn't nasty, it was cheeky."
So if you want to be a dirty little bitch like Becca, try some suspender tights.  You could even  add a bit of fashionable style to your dirty little bitch act by going for polka dot suspender tights

Or for extra dirty little bitch look, some bondage type tights.  All guys like suspender tights not just Frankie

and maybe some girls too

But don't expect suspender tights to result in a long term relationship.  Becca says about the end of the party:

"Frankie barely said goodbye. He just waved. He didn't give me a kiss or anything. We didn't exchange numbers, we just walked away.  Part of me was sad but he doesn't want to get involved with a girl like me. It will ruin his image. I'm sad I'm never going to see him. I had a great night, I still think he's amazing and I would love to do it again."
Don't despair Becca guys will be queuing round the block for a girl like you.  But still if you a longer term relationship stick to opaques and then nude/tan tights like our Kate.
Nice respectable girls?
Another respectable girl?

But hey do you want a longer term relationship when you can be a lot dirty little slut?