Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wallpaper your legs or tights trends

Joy of Tights keeps an eye on tights trends do here are a few we have spotted
Floral Pattern Tights
Too much like wallpaper on the legs.  Not too much future in these we think Thank goodness for trusty old opaques.  If you want flowers at least go for a lacy design.
Which brings us neatly onto lace.  Cool and sexy if not too lacy, in which case they look like a skin disease.
A welcome return making sheer black even more sexy - if that is possible.
Socks with tights
OK with boots to keep your tootsies warm and even look funky with the top of the sock over the top of the boot.  But not with shoes.  And stocking feet are better as well stocking rather than socked feet.
Tell us what you think the next tights trend is
.... by leaving a comment below

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Shoes I love part 1

First of an occasional series about killer shoes.  Just love the bondage look - zips and straps.  Nice platform and high heel.  You can even where them with your reinforced toe tights.
Cool shoes from another angle.  You you guys want to see the girl in the shoes so here she is
Flashing her reinforced tights tops.  How to be naughty without being really naughty and flashing your undies.  I know some of you guys like tights tops almost as much as you like reinforced toes, its something about the extra nylon thickness that gets you going (weird or what).  OK one more:
Don't you just love the hair?  (I know guys you her too busy looking at her legs in tan tights)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

March for the Alternative

March in your tights.
Keep your legs warm and provide a sight to boost the morale of your fellow marchers (the guys anyhow).

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Carla: First Lady of Tights

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has recently been spotted highlighting her legs with a pair of very lacy black tights.  As Carla is becoming a fashion icon we hope that many other ladies will be following her example.  Black lace tights are a great way to draw attention to your legs.  Much media attention focused on the fact that Carla was wearing flat ballet pumps - perhaps not wanting to accentuate the height difference with Mr President.  Joy of Tights (who secretly likes shoes more than tights) agrees with the commentator who said "it's such a tragic thing when a tall women is held back from wearing heels because of a short man." and "it's not like everyone doesn't know he's short".  Or as another writer said "I'm horrified & SICK of flats overtaking & ruining couture. Just go barefoot or sans chaussures next time".  We agree that sexy Carla would going stocking foot would encourage us all to go around in our tights feet.

Apparently President Sarkozy and his wife were hosting a  state dinner at the Elysee Palace  in honour of the South African president and his wife, Gloria Bongi Ngema-Zuma. The South African leader was visiting France to discuss the tense political situation in the Ivory Coast.  We expect Carla's legs may have provided a pleasant distraction.

This is not the first time Carla has been championing the cause of tights.  Last year she seen wearing a pair of tan tights to the Bastille Day celebrations.

We have all been wearing tan tights for years .  But it has been one of those guilty little secrets.  (Like not enjoying giving a blow jobs - one girlfriend recently claimed "I like the taste - its like new potatoes" - yeah right I wonder how you cook your spuds).  But now we can wear tan tights in the open.

Tan tights cover a multitude of sins - and with luck may lead us into a multitude more - like hiding pasty legs when it gets a bit chilly.  Yes I know about spray tan, but do you really want to look orange, and your legs will still be shivering.

Dress like Carla - patterns
Joy of Tights thinks these tights are too busy.  They shout too loud "look at us!"  Remember less can be more.  Better, I think are:
A pattern that is not too busy with a very nice floral design.  Shoes have a serious but sexy feel.

Dress like Carla - tan tights
Now you have to be careful with shiny tights as they can make your legs look like sausages; but we think this girlie has gotten away with it.  Cool dress.  A hint of the oriental in the dress and the make up.  Remember girls; in your teens and twenties a dress can never be too short.  Let's have a look closer
Works even close up in the mirror - nice peep toes.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Today is red nose day

Hope you are wearing red tights
Ravishing in red
Raunchy in red

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Contraceptive value of tights

Joy of Tights found this interesting post at Steady Health:

"Me and my girlfriend were hugging and kissing each other today... eventually I ended up aroused and the precum showed... she got it on her hands a little bit... I was without my pants and she had pantyhose on. So I guess if any of that pre-cum got on her pantyhose she won't get pregnant? I talked with her about this and she said 'Don't worry'. She went to the shower just after our 'meeting'. We didn't have sex and I did not ejaculate we just gave each other many kisses, I tried to finger her through her pantyhose and she licked the tip of my penis a few times (with pre-cum on it). I know it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum, but what about in a situation like this? She had her pantyhose on, while I was almost nude (I only had my pants on, with my penis with pre-cum showing and sometimes touching her pantyhose in 'those' places (not directly, of course)). How likely is it for her to get pregnant? "
You take care now
 And the reply (not from any kind of medical expert Joy of Tights thinks) was
"It is not possible the only way she would get pregnant is if u put it in her. There is only certain days out the month she can get pregnant any way It's nice that u were concerned but the answer is no. "
Now I know its safe which one do I cum on?
 Joy of Tights wonders if she had knickers under her tights to provide a second barrier for those little sperm.  Would it be different if he had shot a full load in "those" places?.  While it does look that another advantage of tights is they stop you getting preggers when messing about.  (So wear a pair on that first date girls).  I think more research is needed:

Floral barrier?

  • Do opaques give better protection than sheers?
  • How much difference does denier make?
  • Is it better to have boxer briefs on your tights with that thicker material around the crucial area?
Extra protection?
 Guys needed to blow their loads over girls nylon covered clits in contraceptive experiment.   Shouldn't be a problem finding volunteers.  Getting girls to take part might be more difficult.
No danger from that little one!

My advice girls, for what its worth, give him to foot job to empty his load and then change your tights.
Cum here boys
And with other girls there is no risk at all

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Men in Tights

I don't normally like men in tights.  Not the typical pantyhose pervert in his 15 den reinforced toe tan tights from Marks and Spencer.    Here are some guys in tights I could go for:
Or this one, I could lick down his chest and pull his fishnets down.  Yummy yummy, his cummy in my tummy.
Or how about this tattooed hunk?
And this guy could have me in his sweaty, smelly socks after a work out.
Even some of the guys on the packaging look OK:
There is even a front open crouch so he can get a blow job.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ten Reasons Why Sweet in Pantyhose is my Heroine

If you been around the web world of pantyhose and nylons for any length of time, you will have come across Sweet.  Well she is my heroine.  The queen of hose on the web and here are the reasons why - along with ten pictures of Sweet from different points in her career

1. Her shoes.  Sweet has the most amazing chunky platforms.  She might not admit in on line, but I think shoes are more important to her than pantyhose.  Good girl, that's how it should be.
Love the colours
2. She wears pantyhose.  The claim is 24/7.  I don't know how anyone can wear 24/7.  Don't they get hot and sticky in bed?  Doesn't all that nylon coverage encourage nasty fungal growths.  Nor is it desirable.  We need to tease the guys by swapping between trousers and tights, they should never quite know whether we are going to fulfill their nylon fantasy.  But none the less, tights are a much under-rated weapon in the war for the tightest male arse (and the best sperm), and anyone who encourages their wearing is alright by me.

She even has her own salute when hosed
3. Her favourite colour is tan.  I think tan is a much under-rated colour.  Its natural - but better than natural - look is a sure turn on.
Nice tan tights, nice platforms, nice tits
4. She is hard on hose.  Her original name on the web was "Sweet but hard on hose".  Like most of us real girls she regularly ladders her tights. 
Just checking her tights for ladders
5. She is not a porn star.  Don't me wrong I think pantyhose porn is a great thing.  A harmless way for nylon obsessed but otherwise inept guys to dump their cum loads without being a nuisance to the rest of us.  But if real girls are to wear tights more often they need to see that they are a fashion accessory, a way of complementing the important things like shoes, and a subtle way of being sexy.
This is the most you will see of Sweet

6. She has been on the web a long time.  In a transitory world - who remembers "Slutty Sammy" or "Sandy's Toes" -  its good to be pantyhose enthusiasts with staying power.
Earlier days with her admirers
7. She is older woman.  As an older (older than Sweet) woman myself I like to see that older women can still look good in hose.  Hose is not just for more mature ladies to have the "granny" look.  In these pages I probably show too many girls in tights, but I want girls today to see how cool and sexy they can look in tights and indeed discover the joy of tights.

What good legs and feet
8.She has been wearing pantyhose since age 8.  Again I think it is a must for young girls to get into hose.  This is not a matter of premature sexualisation, but of slowly growing into an item of adult clothing.  Little girls should not be in pantyhose all the time.  But occasional wear can make them feel grown up, create a positive image of pantyhose for the future and let them see the garments power and limitations.  Another (now former) web pantyhose star found the power of pantyhose as a little girl in church, when she saw the effect her nyloned legs had on the guys.   Now I'm all for Satan corrupting good Christian men with the power of a little girl in hose.  The instructions of the so called good book versus a nice pair of tights on a nice pair of legs - no contest.  However, given the pervy nature of the xian church this is maybe not a safe place to start wearing sheer tights

9. Her tits.  Sweet has had implants.  I read somewhere it was 10 pounds of silicon.  Good for her.  Every girl should maximise her assets.  I read about a 16 year old who had implants.  The press were scandalised.  But I say good for her mum (who paid).  A good pair of tits can help a girl on her way to happiness.  (All you Darwinist geeks out there will no doubt note that the mother was increasing the chances of her genes being spread to the generation after but giving her daughter hooters men would kill for).

10. Fighting her cancer.  Sweet is a complete heroine for fighting her cancer.  I know about bowel cancer - its not pretty, but Sweet is fighting it in hose.