Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Are you hot footing to your new year's eve party in High Heel Hosiery

Isn't it wonderful how tights developers - probably all men - make life so much better for women who wear high heels?

A survey showed that more than a third of women said their feet had been so sore on a night out that they danced shoeless
One third shoeless?
and walked home barefoot
.Makes you wonder if those heels are worth it
But fear not sisters, help is at hand from new tights technology.  Good old Marks and Spencer have introduced Hi Heel Hosiery with special pads to reduce the pain of  the highest of heels or the most perilous of platforms. Their pads are cunningly positioned to to cushion the ball of the foot.
They look like any ordinary opaque tights
But now you see the cushions
The tights are available in a range of styles including
  • Spots (£9.50)
  • Animal (£12.50)
  • Opaque (£9.50)
But are they any good?
Or would you be better buying any old dotty hosiery?
Well let us get a scientific viewpoint.  Oh dear I can only find a comment from an osteopath, that will have to do.  Here are the facts:
  • (Negative) They will make no difference to the rotation in the pelvis (that causes back and leg pain).
  • (Positive) If you tend to wear heels, they will allow you to wear high heels for a longer time with more comfort.
  • (Positive) If you have no musculoskeletal problems and wear heels sporadically - they're a great buy.
In summary girls, if you wear heels, and have no problems wearing heels, get a pair of Hi Heels Hosiery Tights. Hmmm
There is also some positive feedback from potential users (or at least viewers) on the Daily Mail site
"Speaking as a heterosexual man, generally speaking I think that you ladies look great wearing tights. So if this new range of tights means a more comfortable experience for you all, then great!"
A little bit of a tights fetish here maybe?  And of course many tights fetishists also have a foot fetish and so would be a bit disappointed if fewer girls danced in their stocking feet
Guys would you want less of this - girls dancing in stocking feet
For more of this - girls dancing in tights and heels
Well that's enough of what the guys think. Leah says
"Some party dresses & mini skirts look better with tights, besides do you know how cold it is at 3am when you're trying to get a taxi home?"
True, a girl after my own heart.
Better with tights?
 Some comment that these tights could only be worn with boots
"You'd have to be wearing boots, or else you'd look weird in tights and heels (peeptoe, slingback, any cutouts)"
I'll leave that one for my readers to decide.
Tights only with boots or with peep toes too.
 Of course still others commented that tights with padded feet were also available from Tesco and even Primark.  Ahhh but these aren't just tights with padded feet, they are Mark and Spencer tights with padded feet.

More seriously, if you can be serious about tights at all, the hidden premise of the case for padded tights is that we want to keep heels on all night.  It is cool to to wear heels and look hot in them.  It's also a wonderful relief just to slip them off.  The more uncomfortable the more pleasure in taking them off.
And even tights with padded feet won't take away the pain (and therefore the pleasure of release) of really high heels.
Sometimes we just have to take our shoes off, its like its a hard-wired girl thing.
And there is a pleasure in the freedom of going about in your stocking (or tights) feet.  I say stocking feet because you can still feel sexy it your tights, and then there is the wheeeeeeeeeeee fun of sliding in your stocking feet.  Neither of which apply with bare feet.
Come on guys join the fun get your shoes off
Did she slide on those stocking feet?
There is also a freedom to dancing in your stocking feet.  Not just that you aren't going to fall over and break your ankle, but some moves are more natural in stocking feet. (After all our ancient ancestors started dancing without shoes on.  Yes I know they didn't have tights on either, but heels are more of an impediment to movement than tights).
The way nature intended - dancing with your mates with no shoes. 
In any case some dance moves might just be plain dangerous with shoes on.
You don't want anyone to be hit by a flying shoe
And there are lots of other reasons why you might want to take your shoes off at your New Year's (or other) party.
To play twister
To go on the inflatable slide
To have a girlie moment with your bff
To be able to sit on your friends lap without ruining their tights
To help guys who want to throw you up in the air  (A falling shoe might knock one of them out. LOL).
To find a man with a nice foot fetish (maybe not).
And if you go to a party in a private house you may have to take your shoes off anyway
Making the guests take their shoes off, a good way of protecting your property.
Of course you can always put your heels back on at the end of the evening
But you may prefer to let your feet cool off

Monday, 30 December 2013

Don't forget my Christmas tights poll - only 2 more days to vote!

100% tights
Another 100% tights

Ten reasons why tights are not on the way DOWN

Not literally - in terms of being "in"
According to the Guardian:
"Tights (are on the way down) Bare legs – ignoring the goosepimples – are the A-list way to wear skirts this party season. Spend the money you usually spend on hosiery on cab fares."
In support of the Guardian's point, here is Katie Holmes at a Jingle Ball with bare legs
 Here are 10 reasons not to take the Guardian seriously

1. Not all celebs are going bare legged.
Here is errrrrm - from the Sugarbabes - maybe at one time - OK point taken - not at A-lister.
Even Katie Holmes has been in tights recently - and they had old fashioned reinforced toes!
2. Don't be influenced by celebs
Perhaps your mates are in tights
Perhaps they think you should be in tights too!
3. It could be very cold without tights
4. You might get sick
Imagine catching a cold due to lack of tights and not being able to go out for days.
Even worse she might be treating you!
5. Do you want to wait for a taxi?
In the cold - extra cold in fact - because you'll need your tights money for the cab fair.
Waiting in the cold and dark when the cab doesn't show - lucky she remembered her tights
If you can afford a taxi, you can probably afford tights too
6. You can match your tights with your shoes
Bare legs can't be matched in the same way
7. You can match your tights with your dress
Or not
Or you can match your tights with your shoes and dress or not....
8. You miss out on the fun of patterned tights
9. Without tights on you can't kick your shoes off and dance in your stocking feet
(Yes it is difficult to find ten reasons).  You don't want to be dancing on the cold floor in bare feet do you?  (OK you could also get stocking feet with, well, stockings)
10. You'd miss the sexiness of tights
Nuff said
Who has taken the A-list way?  And who is not freezing cold?