Thursday, 7 April 2016

These are not tights

As the Australian Daily Mail announces:
"Make up free Bambi [Yes, that is her name JoT] Northwood-Blyth [who? JoT]pairs Lycra tights with Prada platform brogues..."
and shows this picture :

I have to say that those are mot tights. (Even with the word Lycra in front).  They have no feet.  They are leggings.

These are tights:

And if you live in the UK so are these.  (For our US sisters they are pantyhose)


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hose up and deny the fashion gods

According  to Christina Kelly, the fashion gods have spoken: Tights are out! Say goodbye to crazy-patterned leggings and lacy tights.

All JoyOfTights can say is NO! NO! NO!
  • No to boring legs - why just have skin colour when you can have a colour and crazy patterns
  • No to losing those glances we get when guys see how sexy our legs are in pantyhose
  • No to getting cold
OUT! (Apparently)
OUT! (Apparently)
OUT! (Apparently)
Well Ms Kelly has a solution to the last point.  Well three actually.

(1) Go for length with floor length coats.  All I can say is that if you've got legs fault them!
(2) Wear high boots.  Well nothing against boots, I own a few pairs.  But it's a both/and, an either/or.  Wear tights for warmth and elegance and then boots for extra warmth and extra elegance.
(3) Consider chunky socks.  Again its a both/and not an either/or.  Long socks can leave the tops of your legs awfully exposed.  But with tights - winning toasty warm.
Socks (and tights) with attitude.
So go on defy the fashion gods.  They are only a metaphor after all.  Its not as though they'll strike you down and leave a pair of smoking heals.

Ohhh empty heels, but they are not smoking.  But perhaps the fashion gods did disintegrate her for wearing tights?  Could the girl on the right be next!
Better take your shoes off so they don't get damaged when you get struck by the lightening bolt.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hermione's Magic Shoes

Yesterday the Daily Mail had a go at Emma Watson over her shoe collection.  Apparently:
  • Emma has 24 pairs of designer shoes.
  • They are worth £14000.
  • But most were loaned to her by stylists, not purchased by her.
  • That she once fibbed and said she had only 8 pairs.
In Emma's defence JoyOfTights would say:
  •  24 pairs for shoes?  Not many.  Lots of us have more.
  • £14000? If you have that kind of money what is better to spend it on than shoes?  Think of the industry she is supporting.
  • On loan from stylists?  Good on her for getting them free.  We all like a bargain.
  • Fibbing?  Maybe she only owns 8.  16 are on loan.  Perhaps she only had 8 when she made that statement.  Anyway we all fib, all the time.
Of course JoyOfTights complaint is that Emma does not spend enough for her life hosed up.  Especially when wearing open shoes.

Of course there are times when Emma can be found in tights.

But we'd like to see Ms Watson Hosed Up all the time!  Here are some reasons why Emma should Hose Up more often.
  • So many more fashion options when you can style and colour your legs
  • Sometimes less is more.  Not totally revealing your legs can make them even more sexy.
  • Sheer nylon makes legs sexy anyway
  • They may even provide a bit of warmth on the Red Carpet.
And here are some ladies to show Emma that tights and open shoes go toegther.