Monday, 30 May 2011

Northern Tights

Do Northern girls wear tights?  Is it only wimpy Southerners who slip into the black opaques when there is a nip in the air and even wear sheer tights in quite mild weather.  Don't Northern girls brave the worst of winter to go clubbing in short skirts, no knickers and heels?

Well Joy of Tights has found evidence from the web that Northern Girls do wear Tights.  (No, I didn't go "up North" with my camera, what's an Essex girl like me want to go beyond Watford for?)
Penny Lane as made famous by the Beatles - perhaps she's a tourist from down South
Don't frighten the horses with that leopard print.  Day at Aintree races
Giving her feet a rest in Leeds
Little Miss Muffet in her stocking feet in a Newcastle show
Whitby punk/goth in fishnets
Adding a bit of stocking foot colour in Manchester
To complete our tour of the North - dinner in York
In the interests of balance I should point out that Southern girls often go without tights too
But she went out in her heels without her tights and it was the death of her

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Meerkat foot fetish - simples

Meerkats at Longleat Safari Park have taken a liking to painted toenails and colourful sandals and jump all over them given the chance.  The Meerkat foot  fetish extends to the meerkats sniffing women's feet and one has even taken a little nibble at one visitor.

By the way, wouldn't those legs and feet look better in tights?  Enlarge the picture if you don't believe me.

Joy of Tights wonders if it is only bare feet that have this effect or whether feet in tights will do the same to little critters.  For instance, would Meerkats be attracted by this ladies red peep toes and start sniffing and nibbling her nylon toes?

Zoo officials said:

"They seem to be more attracted to reds and blues for some reason.  We're not entirely sure what it is about the feet. It might be the bright colours of the footwear and toenails, the movement of the toes or even the smell."

If its the smell then feet in tights would be more attractive to the Meerkats.  Think how the smell of your cheesy feet is trapped by your tights as you walk around the zoo in the blazing sun.  So these nylon feet might be quite attractive despite the pale pink nail polish:

Would a Meerkat still go for red toe nails if they were hidden under black tights?  Or perhaps the odor of the tights would compensate for the diminished view of the nail polish?

Could the Meerkats be tried with different types of sandals, how about shiny silver ones:
And if Meerkats like bright sandals and toes how about red tights?
Or nice bright patterned tights?
If its movement that attracts the little Meerkats perhaps we need girls who wiggle their toes and tease our little furry cousins in other ways with their toes.
Here little Meerkat, nibble my nylon toes......

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Girls aloud tights stop the lady going gaga

It is tights and celeb story of the week.

Lady Gaga once averted an awards show fashion disaster by borrowing a pair of pantyhose from British pop stars Girls Aloud.

The hitmaker was scheduled to perform at the Brit Awards in London in 2009 with the Pet Shop Boys, but suffered a last-minute panic when she realised she had forgotten a vital part of her costume.

Gaga approached Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts backstage and was relieved when the singer handed over a much-needed pair of tights. 
Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh
Nicola Roberts and friend
Its good to hear that Lady Gaga needed the tights.  In these days of bare legs we are told that bare is best, but Lady Gaga obviously realised that wouldn't she look so good without her tights.  I wonder if Nicola gave Lady Gaga gave Lady Gaga a clean pair, or if Lady Gaga had to make do with a worn pair.  That would be something for pantyhose perverts, a pair of tights worn by Nicola Roberts and Lady Gaga.

In an interview with Roberts for Britain's Mtv Music, Gaga says, "Last time we met was at the Brits. Actually, you might not even know this but you've given me a present once before. When we were backstage at the Brits - when I was very new - I was performing with the Pet Shop Boys and I needed pantyhose.

"I was knocking on Girls Aloud's door and you gave them to me. So thank you for my hose."

So lets celebrate Ms Roberts in tights.  After all without her tights Lady Gaga might not have made it big, and then we wouldn't have the joy of Lady Gaga in tights.
And for all you guys who like to check the quality of tights close up:
But Nicola Roberts was not the only member of Girls Aloud who was a great ambassador for tights.  Sarah Harding showed how good a girl could look in tights too.  Ahhhh Sarah Harding my favourite lesbian fantasy is snogging her
But enough of that - lets look at Sarah in her tights
OMG Love the boots
Those boots and patterned tights again
Sarah Harding in classic opaques
Nice patterns
Sarah Harding in plain sheer tights and Mary Janes

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Planking in Pantyhose

The phenomenon of planking involves lying face down in a public place - the stranger the better - and posting photos on social networking sites such as Facebook.

But can you plank in pantyhose?
Well the answer is obviously yes by the look of these pictures of two Taiwanese girls, Jinyu 25, in Taipei, and Karren, 28, in Taichung.
Now I would recommend girls who want to go planking do so in pantyhose.

  • They just look better on your legs, and you want your legs to look the best when posted all over the world
  • They keep your legs warm while waiting for the guy with the camera to get the right shot
  • They give your legs some protection from the hard surface you are planking on.
 Now these girls aren't planking too high off the ground.  We don't recommend planking at any great height or you will find yourself planked in a coffin inside a crematorium incinerator!  But if you do some fatal planking at least your legs will look their best.
Yes this page is about planking in pantyhose, if you were after wanking in pantyhose
  1. You are out of luck
  2. Learn to type - like wot I does
So here's some more planking
But remember you don't have to lay down stiff as a board to show off your pantyhose
 OK, these pictures have planks in them, but the girls are no lying on them.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Shoes I Love Part 4

I love cowboy boots even if they are so 1980s.  Wearing cowboy boots with tights is a little bit more daring than with jeans or just a dress, but I think it can work really fabulously if you do it right and have the confidence to pull it off.
 My favourite is short shorts, tan tights and cowboy boots.  Real Daisy Duke.  Sexy but showing you can kick the crap out of any guy who messes with you.

Here is some advice if you want to keep your cowboy boots outfit more low key:
  • Don’t wear them with a loud outfit. Keep the rest of your look simple if you’re going to wear cowboy boots. They make a statement on their own, so let them be the focus!
  • Don’t wear them every day! Cowboy boots are better as a once-in-a-while thing. While you may love them like crazy, switch off with your other footwear to avoid being branded “that girl with the cowboy boots.”

But do guys like the look?  At one level you shouldn't give a shit.  But for what it's worth here is the view of one guy:

"Perhaps especially if the heels are feminine like those of girls' shoes, and they're not rugged like working roper boots, and she's wearing tight jeans, and they're tucked into the boots… I remember when fashionable teenage girls dressed that way. I wish they still would! They seem to have gone out of style."
I bet if they were with shorts and pantyhose he'd be worshipping those boots.  So guys reading this what do you think?  Oh I forgot guys who visit this site are after a nice nyloned foot... So here's a pic of the model for you guys.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kung-Fu in tights

 Hong Kong Airlines cabin crew are learning wing kung kung-fu to allow them to tackle disruptive passengers in the small space of an airliner cabin.  Here they are learning in their stocking feet.  So if you give them any lip it'll be off with their shoes and a few moves will bring you to your knees.  You might even end up on the floor looking at their tights toes.  (They like their uniform too, I wonder if that includes the tights?)

I know that for some of you guys your greatest fantasy is for a pantyhose kung fu girl to smash her nylon covered feet into your balls or face.  So here are some pix for you.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You can take the girl out of Essex, but you can't take Essex out of the grrl

As Maria Fowler shows wearing suspender tights in a night out in Mayfair recently
For those of you who don't know "The Only Way Is Essex" (TOWIE) is a reality show following the lives of Essex residents Mark Wright, Jessica Wright, Kirk Norcross, Amy Childs, Lauren Goodger, Sam Faiers, James Argent, Lydia Rose Bright, Harry Derbidge and their friends/family.  It shows "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way."  In case you were interest is an English glamour model and Page 3 Girl.

Another glamor model featured in the show has been showing off her tights.  Here is Sam Faiers flashing her flesh in tribute to Bond Girl Ursula Andress during a celebration Harry Derbidge's 17th birthday.

 Sam has also been doing some glamor shoots

 What can I say as a Southend girl living in Brighton, but "Essex girls rock"

And here are some more Essex girls:

 And finally it looks like someone lost their tights - after fun on the beach?