Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tights Theft

You know its a slow tights news day when JoyOfTights sites the Hull Daily Mail.

Well here it is
"Becky Jackson, 28, was discharged conditionally for 12 months for stealing two pairs of tights and lingerie, worth £26, from Asda. She must pay a £15 surcharge."

While JoyOfTights appaulds Ms Johnson's desire for tights. Wee must
  • Don't steal them.  If everyone stole their tights the hoisery companies would go out of business and then none of us could get hosed up.
  • Why only two pairs?  You need at least 7 pairs to be hosed up all week.  Maybe 8 with a spare.
JoyOfTights wonders what tights Ms J nicked

Probably Opaque.
 Possibly sheer black
Probably not tan

Perhaps she needed them for work.
And were there are stockings in the lingerie?
But I would bet that in the UK, unlike in some countries Ms J did not have her collar felt by coppers in tights.