Monday, 2 November 2015

Halloween Leftovers

No I don't mean the uneaten pumpkin that is now starting to take on a life of its own.
I mean the black sheer tights you bought to go with your halloween costume - even though you don't normally wear sheer black tights.
Perhaps its time to try black tights without the costume.  You can even wear your black tights in the day time.  (Unless you area a vampire when you will crumble to dust, leaving a pair of black tights full of ... well dust).
You could try black sheer tights for work.
You might enjoy wearing sheer black tights so much that you change your job to one that requires them.  Or not.
And they could improve your sex life
Can't get enough of your black nyloned legs
Of course your tights from halloween may be beyond re-use.
And some specialist halloween tights don't really cut it beyond the day itself.
PS : Don't worry about the Pumpkin unless he brings his mates round.
PPS: You can always find someone to deal with your Pumpkin problem for the price of your eternal destiny.

Last halloween themed post.  You can have too much of a bad thing.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Ms White goes over to the dark side

Vanessa White turns very sexy vampire as she parades her pert assets in a plunging bodysuit and fishnet tights at Halloween party.
Now I'd like to claim that Vanessa had read my post on tights and Halloween.  Unfortunately she stepped out to a Halloween party in London on Friday evening and I made my last post on Saturday morning.  Perhaps it was some kind of spooky reverse, backwards in time causation or perhaps not.

The Saturdays singer turned very sexy vampire as she picked out a risque ensemble which worked wonders for her fit figure to attend a 'Hallowzeen' bash at M Restaurant in the capital.  Vanessa, 26, oozed sex appeal as she slipped into a glittering and plunging bodysuit which exposed a glimpse of both her bottom and cleavage.  Just compare Vanessa with this other celeb.
But I think its the fishnets that make it.  Bare leg would just not been so sexy with those boots and bodysuit.  Sometimes hiding a little under fishnet can reveal more.

So why not following Vanessa's example by wearing fishnets when partying?
or when just relaxing.
They could improve your sex life.
but not in this case
Or you could try them at work, they might help you to sell more.
If the fishnets are a bit risky you could at least try some boots.
Also at the 'Hallowzeen' bash Fashion designer Lauren, 33, opted for a sexy bunny costume, wearing a plunging latex jumpsuit.
Perhaps fishnets and bunny would be the aultimate x-appeal