Saturday, 5 November 2016

Put a rocket up your tights this bonfire night!

Want some woooshhhh! in your tights this bonfire night?  Well you could do worse, (but not much worse to be honest), than follow the example of Rab Florence from Glasgow.

Mr Florence had the idea of attaching a pair of his ma's American Tights to a firework rocket.
Ladies look after your tights they might be needed as a firework accessory!
The idea was that when the rocket exploded, the tights dropped on some poor sod down below.  (Would the tights be flaming having been set on fire by the rocket?  Would they just be kept aloft by the wind? I hear to ask. Or not.)
These tights didn't drop from a rocket.  No, I don't know why they are on her head either.
Actually the weight of the tights cauased too much drag was Rab was chased around this garden.  So perhaps stick with sparklers after all.

Sparklers indoors?  This may be a way to burn your house down!

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