Friday, 11 November 2016

If ladies had to wear pantyhose or tights, what would it be and why?

Joy of Tights is always interested in women's opinions of tights.  So I'd like to share what I found on a Quora post about the question
"If ladies had to wear pantyhose or tights, what would it be and why?"
Of course what the question really means is would you prefer sheer tights or opaque tights if you had to wear them.

Melanie said:
"If I HAD to choose any of the two,it would be the tights,because they look a bit more like pants,than do pantyhose. Or,I could just wear my regular pants over them. Or even over the damn pantyhose. (: "
Clearly not a fan Mel, well here some opaque tights are they like pants
 And here are some "pants" or as we like to say trousers
Not much similarity really.  The tights are, how can I put it much tighter? But I guess they are closer to the thickness of "pants"

I seems Mel favours just tiding the hated tights
Quick, put some boots on; then there will be to trace to see of the evil tights
Pleased because she can hide her pantyhose under "pants"

PS these are really "pants"
Let's look more closely
See they go under the tights.  Pants go UNDER your tights
While trousers go over them.  Nice shoes BTW)

Well let's see what others say.  Lisa says:
"It's utterly dependent on the situation. But as a general preference, I prefer tights during winter because they're thicker and usually footless, which makes them more comfy."
Not sure that tights are usually footless, here are some tights
 Well, they appear to have feet.  Let's check again from a different angle
Yep definitely have feet.  And wouldn't they be colder in the winter without feet?

OK, here are some footless tights, but see how much better the girl in hose looks
Amber says
"Tights for the simple reason that they will be a go to option in both winter and summer, unlike pantyhose which wont help to much during the winter"
Well this is true
 When it snows don't wear hose.

But you could still hose up in the summer months Amber, to give your legs extra sex appeal
The final word goes to a guy - doesn't it always?
"I’ll be the first guy to answer this question then, since I happen to wear tights on a regular basis. My personal preference are either sweater knit or acrylic knit tights; they are soft and keep my legs nice & warm in the colder months (plus my legs look damn good in them!). For the warmer months though, I’d wear sheer tights or pantyhose to keep my legs cooler….and still looking just as good."
 Well, here are some tights Sean might like, and he has good advice for the summer, hose up when you go to the beach for a cool look

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  1. Sigh..... there are sooooooo many pantyhose haters out there, I cant understand why, if you have the right fit and style they are awesome, so c'mon ladies and gents slide on your pantyhose and make our world a more beautiful place 😊