Monday, 7 November 2016

Put on tights for a safe tights night out

Wear tights to keep safe in the evenings?
Glad you have your tights on before venturing into the dark
Is a night out safer in tights?  According to Police Commander reporting on last year's riots in Cologne, Germany on New Year's eve 2016:
"WOMEN only avoided being raped during a New Year’s Eve sexual frenzy by refugee mobs because they were wearing tights, a senior policewoman in Cologne has said.

Police Commissioner Sonja E., 26, was giving evidence before a fact-finding investigative committee of the state parliament in Dusseldorf when she made the statement about the everyday apparel sparing women from horrendous ordeals."
Should tights always be part of the routine for going out?
 The officers story continues:
“The men pulled up their short dresses and grabbed their buttocks and breasts.
“The four women I spoke with said the men attempted to penetrate into their bottoms and vaginas with their fingers. But that did not happen because they were all wearing tights.”
The officer said she believed such clothing saved many of the victims from suffering far worse than just groping.
 Joy of Tights supposes that tights and trousers would have provided even more protection
Now Joy of Tights is almost always pleased to hear of women wearing tights on a night out

But not in these circumstances.

We should be able to wear (or not wear) what we like in complete safety

Taking self defence classes
Or even carrying weapons may help
But ultimately the state must ensure, by whatever means, we are all safe on the street.

Guys, look by all means, but don't touch without unamiguous permission. 


  1. No Woman deserves to be treated with disrespect...
    No matter WHAT..
    That is My rule.
    Paul, USA, CT.

  2. We should be able to wear (or not wear) what we like in complete safety

    I agree completely