Friday, 19 April 2013

Any guys find ladder tights really sexy?

If so vote in my poll now you only have 16 hours!  (Probably less by the time you read this)
He doesn't mind?
But,will he push her in the pool for laddering her tights?
Will a ladder even stop your foot fetish? (No, footjob please they are laddered!)
So you always prefer the one without the hole?  (Don't go there with any other interpretation)
So if you think laddered tights are as sexy as cold custard, leave me a comment saying why.


  1. I find laddered tights very sexy mainly due to the role play games Mrs Dreyer and I play. Laddered tights always mean my luck is in (no point ripping a new pair in the gusset) The only problem is I have to pay for her tights she seems to get through a lot but hey what fun we have

  2. For some reason, I can't vote for "sexiest". I demand a recount!

  3. Would not let me vote for the sexiest either

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