Friday, 4 February 2011

Stocking feet at work

Should you kick your shoes off and go around in your stocking (tights) feet at work?  Is it the height of bad manners and un-professionalism?  Or a useful practical action?

Lets look at why you might take your tights off at work.
  • Comfort.  Sometimes your heels hurt.  Yes you could wear flats.  But flats pinch and your feet get hot, and they don't have the height and style advantages of heels.  And although heels are not as bad for us as is made out, it probably isn't healthy to wear them all day long.
Don't get too comfortable
  • Safety.   Sometimes - like when you have to go down that narrow staircase to the safe - wearing heels risks breaking your neck.
  • Efficiency.  It is easier to rush around in your stocking feet.  When I worked in a bank, us girls (I was a girl in 80s), used to slip our heels off and work in our tights feet.  I have a friend who is an office manager for a big insurance company who works in her tights - (black with reinforced toe if you must know) - feet and she is known for how effective she is.
So efficient, but so sexy
    • To encourage a atmosphere of informality.  Think about this carefully.  It may be appropriate to have them off when leading an office meeting to encourage people to relax and open up.  It may not be so appropriate to slip them off when selling to a client - although with some male clients the informality may cause them to lower their guard.  Going to a promotion interview in your stocking feet is a no-no.
    • Flirting.  You may want to take your shoes off to flirt.  The guys will think you are relaxed and ready to jump on the bed.  After all he "reasons" shoes off, only tights and knickers to go.  Of course you are not ready to screw him (probably ever) but its fun to tease. You can accidentally rub his leg with your stocking foot.  Under the table at a meeting or at lunch.  "Oh I'm sorry was that your leg".  Or at the photocopier as you wait in the queue.  Of course you can do all this in shoes.  But you risk giving a bruise rather than a sensual shiver.
    • Sexual power.  Not as a general rule, but when you are with a colleague or customer who likes stocking feet.  Taking your shoes off can make him listen to the whole sales pitch just to keep sneaking peeks at your feet.  But how can you know he's into stocking feet?  Try taking your shoes off and drawing attention to it.  "Oh, do you mind if I take my shoes off, these new heels are killing me?" or "Excuse me I seem to have gotten something in my shoe"  Watch his eyes and maybe the bulge in his trousers.  If you think he is interested, play with your feet.  Flex those toes.  Cross and uncross your legs.  Point your toes towards him.  Get up to fetch a document and step on his foot with your stocking foot.  All of his attention will be in his cock and he'll sign anything.
    Taking a client out?  Hope he likes the feet
     Where to not wear your shoes
    • At your desk.  We all need to do this.  It lets your feet breath - and so stops them getting smelly.  It gives our feet a rest from our shoes and engenders and feeling of calm and well-being.  (Who says I'm over the top?).  What is more we can do it without being noticed.  So if even if you are a bit shy about your tootsies you can go stocking foot under the desk!

      • Wondering around the office.  Good if you need to get things done quickly.  But you could stand on a drawing pin - ouch! 
      • In the studio.  OK this only applies if you are on TV.  Here's Charlotte Mounter on bid TV selling beds / bedding with her shoes off.  I expect she is trying to create a matey informal feel for her women viewers.  But some guys will be so transfixed by Charlotte's stocking feet, that they will be 'phoning up buying bedding just to see her wiggle her tights covered toes.

        • With a client.  Only if you suspect that showing your stocking feet will enhance the chances of a sale.  See above for ways to check this out.  Of course if you have a good excuse you can go for in anyway and see what happens.  So if you are an estate agent, just slip your shoes off and say you don't want to dirty the carpets.
        Not the usual way of selling but your stocking feet might draw attension to your company's carnival float
          • At lunch./ other break.  The ideal time to relax.  No one should mind and you may even be able to do a bit of stocking foot flirting against a colleague's leg.
          Ahhhh its good to get those shoes off
          • At a meeting.  Only if you can do it under the table without being "noticed".  Of course any real foot fetish guys will notice and be suitably distracted.
          • At an interview.  No, no, no.  Unless the panel is made up entirely of foot fetish lovers which is unlikely.
          • At the office party.  Go for it.  But not too soon.  You want to show off you heels.  Wait until you have drunk a bit.  Dancing will be easier.  And your stocking toes can start blatantly working up guys trouser legs. 
          Before the office party, slap on the slap

          At the office party: slip off your shoes


                1. Love the post. Love the pictures! Love women who wear pantyhose. There is nothing more sexier than a woman with nice painted toes and a good pair of nude pantyhose.VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL!

                2. Aloha Nylon stocking feet need 2 b massaged, licked, kissed & SUCKED ON, especially Miss PARIS HILTON & ANNIE CURRY & KATY PERRY aloha hb